“It’s like doing drugs for free. You’re accessing your own internal pharmacy.”

Want to learn the ultimate tool to stress less and accomplish more?

In this invigorating interview, meditation expert Emily Fletcher reveals the truth about a practice many of us have underestimated and proves how meditation has the power to make every aspect of our life extraordinary.

Emily explains (with the neuroscience to boot) how meditation can literally increase our lifespan, decrease stress and help us achieve more in less time. She shares practical, powerful ways we can incorporate meditation into our daily lives—even on a crowded New York subway!

She explains why people often quit before they begin, and how meditation truly is the next frontier in developing deeper connections within humanity. She shares how meditation single-handedly transformed her life and how it can do the same in ours.

Think meditation is only for those blessed with a mind that’s able to silence thoughts? Tune in—you’ll be in for a real surprise. 

“It feels a little like magic but it’s not magic, it’s just you without the stress.”

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The Difference between Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Why we Shouldn’t Try to Meditate like Monks
  • How Meditation is Just Like Showering
  • Why there’s No Such Thing as Not Having Time to Meditate
  • The Shocking Neuroscience behind Meditation
  • How Being a Broadway Star made Emily Miserable
  • How Meditation can Make us Live Longer (science to boot)
  • The Unity Breath and Why we Need to Practice It
  • What to do When We Find Meditation Boring
  • Why Meditation is the Ultimate Time Investment and actually Gives us More Time Every Day 
  • A Meditation to do In a New York Subway
  • Q&A Session and a Practical Exercise to Access Our Internal Bliss

The point of meditation isn’t to get good at meditation. The point of meditation is to get good at life.”

Ready to live every day, every moment, in a state of constant bliss? Don’t miss Emily get to the bottom of how you can use this practice to transform your life.


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