What does Workplace Democracy Really Mean?

In this valuable interview, Vishen Lakhiani shares more nuggets of wisdom with WorldBlu founder, Tracy Fenton, on how he’s built Mindvalley to become of the most successful workplaces in Asia through Freedom Centered Leadership and smart workplace democracy.

He shares powerful, practical methods that we can implement in our own business, and explains and why creating the company mindset is critical for any business to truly thrive.

“When bringing in people to Mindvalley, I tell them, ‘I want you to do something so fricken powerful that in one to two years I won’t be able to afford you.’”

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The 4 Key Things Successful Workplace Need to Make Work About
  • Why Our Business is Not About our Business (and What It’s Really About Instead)
  • Why No One Will Have to Work in 20 Years
  • Why the CEO needs to have a “War” Mindset at Times
  • Where the Power in a Company Comes From
  • The 3 Core Attributes of Freedom Centered Learning
  • Why 50% of our Goals Should be Stretch Goals
  • Why It’s Essential the CEO do Inner Work
  • The Organisational Framework that Allowed Mindvalley to Thrive
  • Why People Don’t Need to be Empowered
  • The Awesomeness Report and How to Make Your Business Awesome

“Your business is not about your business. Your business is about your growth.”

Ready to learn how you can take not only your business, but your growth and consciousness to the next level? Tune into Vishen and Traci’s interview to learn how.

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