‘Nothing gets done without effective leadership.’

We’re proud to present the Professor of Management of the Tuck School of Business, Professor Finkelstein. Having literally written the book on management and strategy, the author of ‘Superbosses’ joins us to shed some light on what it takes to become the best leader you can be.

Listen out for:

  • The clear definition of a Superboss and the qualities you need to be one.
  • Anti-Boss Movement – The difference between the standard boss and the Leader.
  • Helpful advice for brand new bosses & how to transition into your role without burnout.
  • The 1 Key Superboss Skill you can’t manage without.
  • How to nurture your team’s talent for business growth.

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About Professor Finkelstein

Professor Finkelstein is a recognized thought leader on leadership, strategy, and corporate governance. He is listed at #23 on the ‘Thinkers 50’, the most prestigious ranking of management thinkers in the world.

He is well known for his keynote speeches and television appearances and is a columnist for the BBC. Professor Finkelstein is the host of his own podcast, The Sydcast, and has worked as a consultant and speaker for major companies around the world, including American Express, Anthem, and Bank of Montreal to name a few.



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