“My favorite business book of all time is experience.”

There is so much content out there that tells us exactly what we should do to become successful. They even have our morning routines written down for us but does this mean that if we don’t follow those rules we are failures? Learn from serial entrepreneur Noah Kagan on what the latest trends in online marketing are, and what you should know about defining success for yourself.

Listen out for:

  • The importance of online marketing.
  • How to get better at spotting opportunities.
  • Noah’s best career advice. 
  • G.E.B.Y daily routine exercise. 


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About Noah Kagan

Noah Kagan is a taco-loving Chief Sumo at Sumo Group,  a company that offers tools and content to help entrepreneurs and small businesses grow. Before AppSumo and Sumo, Noah was employee #30 at Facebook (reporting directly to Mark Zuckerberg) where he helped build the Facebook Ads platform. After Facebook, he was employee #4 at Mint.com. Noah is an expert when it comes to starting businesses and he teaches everything he knows about marketing & business on his YouTube channel, Podcast, and blog at Okdork.com.



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