“In order for you to realize the benefits of self-mastery, you’ve got to know yourself.”

Listen to this episode for empowering insights with the artist, creative mastermind, executive coach featured in Vishen Lakhiani’s New York Times and #1 WSJ best-selling book, The Buddha and The Badass. Drima Starlight shares a clarifying and engaging exercise to help you accelerate your journey of awakening, unfolding, and personal growth. Get ready to discover the importance of knowing and understanding your origin story in self-mastery.

Listen out for:

  • Drima’s inspiring childhood story.
  • Guided exercise for self-mastery. 
  • Self-mastery in a chaotic world.


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About Drima Starlight

Drima Starlight is an artist and the creative director of Assertive & Co. He is the co-author of Monster: Your Billion Dollar Ideology. He has coached and consulted for CEOs of 9-figure brands, Fortune 500 executives, Forbes 30 Under 30 founders and tech entrepreneurs, and Emmy and Grammy Award recognized artists and storytellers, guiding them to amplify their true voice and values, own their cause, and harness digital media for a bigger impact.



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