“If you believe mistakes and failures are bad, you cannot be innovative.”

In this episode, you’ll learn how your beliefs keep you from having the life you want and all about the power of positive thinking. Our speaker, Shelly Lefkoe, Founder of Empowering the Next Generation is going to show you how to eliminate a belief and how to get rid of negative emotions in the moment. 

Listen out for:

  • The real definition of belief. 
  • An exercise to identify your big issue. 
  • The belief discovery process. 
  • The Lefkoe Belief Method.
  • Live Bonus Q&A Session.


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About Shelly Lefkoe 

Shelly Lefkoe is the co-founder and President of the Lefkoe Institute, and the founder of Parenting the Lefkoeway. Using The Lefkoe Method she has helped thousands of individuals eliminate issues as serious as eating disorders, phobias, and depression as well as everyday problems like procrastination, shyness, fear of public speaking, and the inability to form healthy relationships. Shelly is a speaker, workshop leader, and author of Parenting the Lefkoe Way.



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