“LinkedIn helps you reach the business network easily.”

With so many different social media platforms everywhere, finding the right place for you and your business has become very challenging. The host of Humans 2.0. Podcast Mark Metry is here to tell you why you should choose LinkedIn.

Listen out for:

  • Mark’s combating shyness journey.
  • The benefits of using LinkedIn. 
  • Ways to improve your LinkedIn profile.
  • How to reach out to people on LinkedIn.


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About Mark Metry

Mark Metry is a well-known and well-loved Forbes Featured TEDx keynote speaker and the host of the Global Top 100 Humans 2.0. Podcast. He made an appearance on an Amazon Prime Documentary Series ‘The Social Movement’…but there was a time when he couldn’t make direct eye contact with anyone! Mark’s inspiring story and combat with shyness have been featured in Forbes, Influencive, Inc, Huffington Post, and Fearless Motivation and he’s featured as a guest on over 100 radio and podcast shows. 



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