‘If you can’t persuade yourself, you can’t persuade anyone else’

Want to have the ability to persuade anyone instantly? Ever wondered how to earn people’s trust?  Or how to change minds that were once set? These ‘powers’ aren’t unobtainable Jedi gifts, but actual skills that everyday people can develop! To reveal the hacks behind the art of persuasion, we invited the leading authority on motivation and influence, Kurt Mortenson, for a captivating conversation on the Superhumans at Work Podcast.

Listen out for:

  • What is Persuasion IQ and how can you get better at it?
  • Is persuasion a form of manipulation?
  • Introverts vs Extroverts – Who are the best persuaders?
  • The art of influencing without authority.
  • How can you convert knowledge and passion into influence?
  • The 2-minute technique to maximize your influence in any interaction.


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About Kurt Mortensen

Kurt W. Mortensen is one of America’s leading authorities on persuasion, charisma, negotiation, and influence. Over the years, Kurt’s experience teaching hundreds of workshops nationwide allowed him to discover a huge insight; that all people desire to succeed, but most fall short of their goals.

His life’s mission is to help people achieve their dreams. Kurt is the author of 3 books ‘Persuasion IQ’, ‘Maximize Your Influence’ and ‘ The Laws Of Charisma’. He also hosts the popular podcast ‘Maximize Your Influence’ which you can find on iTunes, Spotify, or any other Podcast App.



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