Team Burnout Is Real and This Is How You Can Stop It

There has been a 60% increase in mental health issues at work. The unhealthy way in which companies are currently operating is not sustainable. Yet, many of us are beginning to envision a better world of work. We invited Natasha Wallace, the founder of Conscious Works,, for her top tips on building high-performing teams without compromising on wellbeing.

Listen out for:

  • Employee burnout – why does it happen?
  • The environmental factors that are stopping your teams from thriving.
  • How wellbeing and performance are intrinsically linked.
  • 3 keys to foster employee wellbeing.
  • An action you can take today as an employee to achieve high performance without compromising on your welfare.


Grab a copy of Natasha’s book ‘The Conscious Effect’ –

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About Natasha Wallace

Natasha is passionate about wellbeing and about optimizing human performance. With a background in culture change and leadership development, her career has been built around creating workplaces in which people can thrive. This means giving people a voice, enabling them to grow, and treating them like adults.

As a former HR Director, Natasha left her job having reached burn out. It led her to recognize that there are two fundamental things getting in the way of people staying well at work – self-knowledge and self-care. She set up her company and wrote her book, The Conscious Effect, to help fix that problem. She now ‘inspires a good world of work’ through thought-provoking keynote speeches, one to one and team coaching, using her unique approach to leadership development to enable leaders to become more conscious.



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