Reforming our education system is essential for humanity’s evolution.

If we could do a massive reform of global education, what would it look like?

This episode is a paradigm-shifting special with legendary modern-day philosopher, Ken Wilber, on how we evolve from kids to adults and our evolution of consciousness.

Ken discusses the ideal education model needed to create a healthier planet today—starting with our children. Ken explores transpersonal psychology and integral theory revolving around the synthesis of all human knowledge and experiences.

“There are higher levels of consciousness which only a small portion of the population has developed. We don’t teach those, because we mostly aren’t aware of them.”

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What the Ideal Education Model for Humanity Looks Like
  • How Integral Theory Summarizes the Complex Human Experience
  • The Different Perspectives of “I, We, It” and How They Affect Our Daily Life
  • How Modern Education is Flawed and What We Can Do Instead
  • The 7 Types of Intelligences
  • The Ongoing Culture Wars between the 3 Most Common Values Today
  • How Traditional Religion, Modern Science and Postmodern Multiculturalism are Linked
  • How the Modern Human Possesses Profound States of Consciousness
  • The Different Types of World Views and How Modern Education Doesn’t Cater to Them All
  • How the Human Identity is a Spectrum from Egocentric to Cosmocentric
  • How Ubiquity University May Be the Solution

Key questions:

  • Am I identified with just myself or with all of reality?
  • If we were to educate kids and young adults, what would their education look like?
  • How can we help our children upgrade their spirituality without being blocked by limited beliefs?

Are you ready to uncover your full spectrum of consciousness and learn how to forward humanity’s evolution through your own personal growth? Tune into Ken’s mind blowing interview to learn more.

“Humanity is flying way under its full potential simply because we do not educate for the whole, complete human being. We educate for just a fragment of what’s possible for us.”


Matrixes of education to forward human consciousness:

Integral Theory & the Different Perspectives
Ken Wilber - The AQAL Matrix
The Culture Wars in relation to Stages of Development
Ken Wilber - Levels In The Four Quadrants
Worldviews Ken Wilber - Gebser Worldviews Chart



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