Reforming our education system is essential to our future

If we could do a massive reform of global education, what would it look like? This episode is a paradigm-shifting special with legendary modern-day philosopher, Ken Wilber, on how people evolve from kids to adults, the evolution of consciousness. Vishen and Ken will discuss the ideal education model that can help create a healthier planet starting with our children today. Ken writes on transpersonal psychology and integral theory revolving around the synthesis of all human knowledge and experiences.

Here are the highlights and questions raised from the conversation:
  • What will the ideal education model for humanity look like?
  • The complex combination of a human being is summarized in Ken’s framework of Integral Theory
  • The different perspectives of “I, We, It.”
  • Education today focuses on book smarts over many other categories of intelligence.
  • The ongoing culture wars between 3 of the most common values today:
    • Traditional religious
    • Modern science
    • Postmodern multiculturalism
  • Humans today possess profoundly high states of consciousness and awakenings
  • The human identity runs a spectrum from egocentric all the way to cosmo-centric
  • The universe, driven by evolution, is creating greater wholeness and unity
  • Am I identified with just myself or with all of reality?
  • Based on Jean Gebser, education is not catering for multiple worldviews
  • If we were to educate kids and young adults, what would their education look like?
  • There more than seven different types of intelligence as expanded by Howard Gardner
  • What are some learnings we can incorporate into a future school?
  • There are many contradictions that arise from education and one such question is “are there any other cultures that can be considered superior to another?”
  • How can we help our children upgrade their spirituality without being blocked by limited beliefs?
  • Ubiquity University, a break away from traditional education, and builds a holistic education from day one
The following are matrixes mentioned to help create a future for education:
Health and the ideal model of education
Ken Wilber - The AQAL Matrix
The Culture Wars and how it relates to the stages of development
Ken Wilber - Levels In The Four Quadrants
Worldviews related to educationKen Wilber - Gebser Worldviews Chart
A view of the ideal education systemKen Wilber - Gardner's Multiple Intelligences
If you’re excited to read more of Ken’s work, we suggest the following to get you started:
Lean into this episode because it will hit home for everyone listening, especially those of you who are involved in transformational and disruptive education. Here’s a beautiful reminder from Ken,
“…We now know human beings have upwards of a dozen different multiple intelligences, most of which are just thoroughly ignored. Education mostly focuses on cognitive intelligence or book smarts, but there are also emotional, moral, values, aesthetic, spiritual intelligence among others, and all of those are incredibly important. They’re all very real. They actually exist. They’re not just theoretical, and they’re all almost completely ignored…”

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