The best version of you comes with, not without, your fears

Instead of avoiding to feel fear, allow fear to expand who you are.

Are your fears holding you back? Do you find it difficult to create a complete vision of your life? Too often we’re afraid to set soul-stirring visions for ourselves because of our fears. This episode will help you to not only face your holdbacks but also help you understand the art of having fear in your life. Our guest for this episode was voted as North America’s most fearless woman athlete, famed for her near-death big mountain ski jumps. Kristen Ulmer has since retired as an athlete and now facilitates thousands on optimal performances based on her practice as a Zen Master for the past 15 years. This fear specialist is bringing a powerful shift to how you should be facing your fears. Let’s begin.

“Whatever the thing is that you’re scared of doing, you should do it because it expands who you are as a person.”
— Kristen Ulmer

Highlights from the episode:

  • The most fearless thing she’s pulled off as an athlete
  • The fears Kristen suffered during her childhood that shaped who she is today
  • How fear limits us in our day-to-day lives, especially in our careers
  • How fear holds us back from relationships and other dimensions of our lives
  • The fear of people’s reactions and how we can best navigate uncomfortable situations
  • The fear of making potentially damaging decisions towards others
  • How we could be balancing a big idea with the fear of failure
  • Kristen’s transition from being a pro-skier to a fear specialist
  • How Kristen teaches the art of fear to her students
  • How societal conditioning in our language has shaped our perspective towards fear

People mentioned in the episode:

  • Steven Kotler
  • Bill Gates

More information on Kristen’s work and related resources mentioned in the episode:

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Here’s a powerful quote by Kristen from the episode:

“It’s your resistance to the fear that ultimately proves to be the problem not the fear itself.”
— Kristen Ulmer

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