The best version of us comes with, not without, our fears.

Fear specialist famed for her near-death mountain ski jumps, Kristin Ulmer shares her daily brushes with death and her unique experience with fear. She reveals how we can instead transform our relationship with fear and use it to create an even better version of ourselves.

Kristen was voted North America’s most fearless woman athlete; she has since retired from her athletic career and now facilitates thousands on optimal performances based on her practice as a Zen Master for the past 15 years. Kristen shares how by shifting our perception of fear, we can use it to liberate us from living a mediocre life.

“Whatever you won’t look at is always the key to freedom.”

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Kristen’s Most Death-Defying Stunt as a World-Class Athlete
  • How Societal Conditioning Shapes our Perspective of Fear
  • Practical Methods to Use Fear to Enhance Our Life
  • How we Allow Fear to Limit Us Every Day but Don’t Even Realize It
  • How Fear Affects Us when Making Decisions
  • Why Repressing Fear Doesn’t Work in The Long Run
  • How Kristen Transitioned from a Pro-Skier to a Fear Specialist
  • What Kristen Learned from Studying Zen

“Fear is actually part of the process that helps us bring our A game to everything we do, but only if we’re willing to become intimate with it—merge with it and use it as a resource to help us come alive.”

Ready to step up your A-game in life? Tune in to Kristen’s interview to dive in.


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