Should we really be friends with something that scares us?

By the end of this powerful presentation, Lisa Nichols guarantees to have us screaming “yes, YES!”  Lisa shows us how to transform our relationship with fear, not fearing it, but instead using fear as fuel to become the best version of ourselves—the version we know we were born to be.

A renowned speaker from ‘The Secret’ as well as Mindvalley’s beloved teacher of the Speak And Inspire Quest, Lisa shares how liberating it is to own our power unapologetically. She is a soul speaker, and her ability to shake anyone to the core will not disappoint.

Are you ready to take the leap into your unlimited potential? Tune in to Lisa’s fiery, soul-stirring, heart-wrenching and humorous A-Fest presentation to get started.

“So look fear in the face. 

And then stand on the edge.

Hold fear, don’t wait for the fear to leave you.

Hold fear in one hand and passion in the other and leap.



In this soul shaking episode you’ll discover:

  • Why Fear Isn’t as Scary As We Think if We Just Do this One Thing
  • What Happened when Lisa Got Scared on Oprah
  • Why we Say “Yes” Twice in a Row
  • Lisa’s Lowest Point in Her Life and How She Turned It Around
  • How Lisa’s Teacher told her Never to Speak In Public
  • Practical Exercises to Deal with Daily Fear
  • A Powerful Daily Mantra to Keep Us On Track
  • What we can Learn from Lisa’s Grandma
  • How to Biohack Fear through Our Imperfections
  • Questions to Ask Ourselves to Redesign the Experience Called “You”
You’re not sentenced to your future, you have an opportunity to your future. And if it doesn’t make you a little afraid, then you ain’t playing big enough.


Ready to step into your full potential and shatter any doubts or fears? Join the presentation today!


Resources and Mentions:

  • Abundance Now by Lisa Nichols
  • The Secret
  • The Oprah Winfrey Show

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