Make Friends With Your Fears

Fear is your friend, not your enemy.

It’s difficult to imagine our deepest darkest fears as the fuel to our life. How do we turn it around if it has such an impact on our mind?

Well, this powerful talk by Lisa Nichols will help you answer the questions you have surrounding your fears. You’ll find yourself screaming, “yes, YES!” every minute of it.

A renowned speaker from “The Secret,” she is also Mindvalley’s beloved teacher of the Speak And Inspire Quest. She has the magical ability to shake anyone to their core. Listen as she shares how liberating it can be to own your power unapologetically. Here, she will address the strength of your stories back to your heart and soul. Get ready to shift your relationship with your fears. And become the version of yourself you knew you were born to be.

“No one change, no one transformation happens all at once.”
— Lisa Nichols

Highlights from the episode:

  • How we can begin to bio-hack fear effectively with the point of a needle
  • The power in saying “Yes” twice in a row
  • The meanings behind saying “Yes.”
  • Lisa explains how we can redefine fear
  • Learn how your relationship with your life, is in both of your hands
  • The story of a low-point in her life with her 8-month old son
  • Questions to ask yourself so you can redesign the experience called “You.”
  • The story of Lisa’s struggle in school and what her teachers used to tell her
  • The story of how and why she got fired, and what happened 22 years later
  • The story of Lisa’s moment of fear when they called her to be on the Oprah show
  • A final exercise you can use as your daily mantra.

People mentioned in the episode:

  • Opray Winfrey

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Here’s a powerful quote by Lisa from the episode:

“So look fear in the face.
And then stand on the edge.
Hold fear, don’t wait for the fear to leave you.
Hold fear in one hand and passion in the other and leap.
— Lisa Nichols
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What was your main takeaway from Lisa’s talk?

Are you ready to turn your fears into fuel? Because you have what it takes to contribute your worth to the world.

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