“And because you let your light shine, you give us permission to do the same.”

Lisa’s passion, energy and enthusiasm will get you on the balls of your feet and stir your soul to the core. In this exhilarating A-Fest presentation, speaking phenomenon Lisa Nichols shows us that it’s our given birthright to live big.

She shares her extraordinary story from being a broken single mom to becoming one of the world’s most-requested motivational speakers. Lisa has touched over 30 million lives with her work as founder of Motivating the Masses and contributor to The Secret. In the exclusive Mindvalley appearance, she empowers us to live a life to our fullest potential and get on the Quest we were destined for.

“Living your quest is about recognizing that every day I can be reborn to my possibility.”


In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How to Design Your Life for Greatness
  • Practical steps to Align your Choices with Your Purpose
  • How Lisa Turned her Breakdowns into Breakthroughs—and How we Can Do the Same
  • Why It’s Okay to Sing Off-Key
  • How to Live a Life That Inspires Others
  • Why we Need to Embrace Our Confusion
  • An Empowering Message from Martin Luther King
  • A Guided Visualization on Expanding Your Dreams by Lisa herself

“Living your quest is a simple as it is complex. It’s about giving yourself permission on a daily basis to become the next best version of yourself.”

By the end of this episode, you’ll be clear on the powerful, brilliant person you are destined to be. Are you ready to step into your potential? Tune into Lisa’s energizing presentation to start!


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