Some call it intuition, others call it a gut feeling.

Are you listening to your ideas?

Jeffrey Perlman, former CMO of fitness-superhouse Zumba, shares how getting in tune with his intuition allowed him to transform what was once considered a joke into one of the biggest brands in the fitness industry.

In this thoughtful A-Fest presentation, Jeffrey reveals how we too can uncover our True Legacy and step into the Power of Inevitability through three specific strategies.

If you have a moment of inspiration, a vision, something that feels right to you in the world… it has already started.”

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why Listening is Critical When Allowing Our Potential to Take Form
  • How Zumba Started as a Joke but Came to be the Mega-Brand in the Fitness Industry
  • The Continuum Between Consciousness and Matter, and Why It’s Essential to Be Aware of Where We Are on the Spectrum
  • The 3 Stages of Stepping Into Our Inevitability
  • Gonzalo and the Importance of Our Distorted Reality
  • How Honoring Our Vising and Mission is Essential to Allow Ideas to Manifest
  • Why We Should Be Wary of Templates
  • Why Having Business Models is Essential and How to Find One That’s Right For Us

“You don’t even find your truth, it kinda finds you. It hits you. And then you just have to stay with it and commit to it.”

Are you ready to get connected with your powerful ideas that are waiting to manifest through you? Tune in to Jeffrey’s presentation to uncover your Truth.



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  • Zumba
  • Inc. Magazine

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