Cardiac coherence, compassion and conscious creation: what do they have in common?

Get ready to have your mind blown—literally—and discover how through intentional, conscious techniques we can alter our state of consciousness in order to achieve that which we couldn’t even imagine before.

In this jam-packed interview, peak performance and leadership pioneer Jamie Wheal reveals the problem with our modern “ordinary” state of consciousness, and how the key to humanity’s evolution lies in turning the dial to a completely new state of consciousness altogether. Jamie specializes in neuroscience and the application of Flow states to create powerful shifts for human development.

Jamie discusses brainwave states, neurological synchronicity and why we need to build ethical cults that allow us to mend where we’re broken, align with our purpose and reconnect with our brothers and sisters.

The insight and wisdom Jamie drops in this episode will make you question everything you thought to be true, and keep on questioning until you’re creating beyond your wildest dreams.

“We are eternity and starlight dressed up as matter.”

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why we Should all Be Like Surfers
  • Hustling vs. Surrendering and Which is the Way to Success
  • What Spiral Dynamics can Teach Us About our Thought Patterns
  • What Microdosing on LSD can Teach Us (listen to this first!)
  • The 3 Things Human’s Need for a Deep Stage Change
  • State vs. Stage Changes and Which One We Should Focus On
  • How High Waking State Delta can Give Us a Deeper Perspective of Personal Growth
  • What Thinkitating is and How to Use it to Come up with Brilliant Ideas
  • How we can Use Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness to Reshape the World
  • Why the Vagus Nerve is Critical for Intellectual Growth
  • The 5 Areas we Need to Optimize to Evolve as a Species
  • The Bliss Molecule we Need to be Concentrating On
  • Why we Need to build Ethical Cults
  • Vishen’s Plan to Build an Earth Flag (and where! hint: it doesn’t reside on this planet)
  • Why we Need a Psychedelic Renaissance (and the one book that can guide us)
  • How the Seretonin System is Key for Humanity’s Liberation

“Effortless effort takes a fuck ton of work.”

Are you prepared to take your identity, conscious creation and performance to a whole new level? Get your note taking device ready and bring your full attention—this is not an episode you’ll want to miss if you’re serious about your personal evolution.

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