You can turn any job and turn it into something fulfilling

Every life is gonna have its moments of sucking, and guess what? If you love what you do, you kinda come out the other end and you’re gonna be fine.

Former (Grammy nominee level) stand-up comedian gone storyteller, workshop leader and inspiration to millions—aka, the one and only Lisa Lampanelli lighten up this interview with raw authenticity, pragmatic compassion and refreshingly humorous wisdom.

Lisa shares how though she was ‘happy enough’ in her thriving comedy career, she had stopped experiencing that fizzy, joyful thing we can’t even name she initially felt. She knew that change and growth are what makes life worthwhile, and decided to use her skills in the transformation industry instead. Lisa shares powerful, practical steps on how anyone can take the first step into embarking in a new direction.

Lisa explains how we can tweak any job to be rewarding, how to find fulfillment and the single question we need to ask ourselves everyday in order to be happy. She shares practical techniques on how to move forward, how to do what our heart really wants and how to live life in gratitude, resilience and of course, with a sense of humor.

“If we continue to do something we’re unhappy with – if there’s not that little joy in it – that little fizzy thing we can’t even name – we gotta move forward.”

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why we Should Consider the Worst That Can Happen (it’s more helpful than we think)
  • How Lisa Got more Standing Ovations Once she Decided to Leave Comedy
  • The 3 Steps to Be Resilient
  • The Science behind Gratitude and Why Lisa Made Fun of Gratitude Journals
  • How to Tweak Any Job to be Fulfilling (this is powerful!)
  • The 4 Things we Need to Consider when Looking for a Job
  • Experiments in Reality: Living on a Dollar a Day and in 20% of Our House
  • Powerful Techniques to Deal with Negative People
  • The Simple Question to Ask Ourselves to Make Every Day Great
  • Continuous Learning: How Even 80-year-olds Can Still Learn
  • Reality Checks – How to do Them and Why we Need Them

“When you make your life about service, and not about you, you will never wake up sad or depressed again.”

Resources and Mentions:

“You think you want to get laughs, but really you want to make laughs.”

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