The Power Of Believing And Being Enough

Our mind is capable of more than we think.

It begins by asking ourselves if we believe whether we’re enough or not — and it’s more than just positive thinking.

In this transformative and engaging A-Fest talk, Marisa Peer, voted Britain’s #1 Therapist — whose work includes Hollywood celebrities, Olympic athletes, CEO’s and royalty — shares humanity’s singular biggest problem through heartfelt stories.

Contrary to conventional therapists who focus on the inner mechanics of the mind and attempt to diagnose one small problem at a time, Marisa Peer identifies the mind’s most basic principles and cuts to the root of the problem. She turns people’s lives around in a matter of minutes.

The results from Marisa’s brilliantly unconventional method are astounding.

“Changing the world is a big task, but I want to change people. The way to change them is by making them feel they are enough.”
— Marisa Peer

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The three insights about your brain that will change your life:
    • Your mind does what it truly thinks you want it to do and what it truly believes is in your best interest
    • The way you feel about any event and the way your mind responds is the result of just two things; the pictures you make in your head and the words you say to yourself
    • To succeed at anything you have to make the unfamiliar familiar, and the familiar unfamiliar
  • Why lottery winners lose everything within 2 years of winning the lottery because of their desire for the familiar
  • How an American celebrity changed his life after meeting Marisa Peer in one afternoon
  • How Marisa helped a successful but suicidal British trader to accept a thought she had kept from her painful past
  • The story of a plumber who brought Marisa’a simple technique into his home and subsequently changes the lives of his family members
  • She explains the major causes of depression are harsh, hurtful and critical words you say to yourself over and over again
  • The direct, specific, detailed, crystal clear commands and instructions that signal and communicate to your mind in a way that gives you great results with no misinterpretation

Key takeaways on being enough:

  • Make anything that is negative unfamiliar and anything positive really familiar
  • Change the pictures, words, and you will tell your brain exactly what you want
  • Say this, “I have chosen to do this, I’ve chosen to feel great about it and I’m enough.”

Tell your mind a new story and it will respond accordingly. Praise yourself by saying things such as:

  • I am enough and I am happy being enough
  • I am a loving and admirable friend
  • I am clever and amazing
  • I am bold, daring, and creative
  • I am incredibly beautiful/handsome inside and out

Of all the things you tell yourself, remember to repeat the followings words and truly feel its truth:

“I am enough. I’ve always been enough. Now that I know that I am enough, everyone else knows it, too. I will always be enough.”
— Marisa Peer

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