In case no one told you today: You are enough.

In this powerful yet equally entertaining A-Fest presentation, Britain’s top therapist Marisa Peer identifies the root problem of all our dissatisfaction in life (even though it may manifest in different forms).

She shares entertaining stories of her work with everyone from Hollywood celebrities, Olympic athletes, CEO’s and royalty, and reveals a simple yet powerful method to turn this around.

Her unconventional therapy method is transformative, and she has the track record of turning people’s lives around in minutes to prove it. Her message is simple, yet it’s power to transform is truly incredible. This is not an episode you’ll want to miss.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The 3 Things we Need to Know About Our Brain in Order to Communicate With It
  • The Real Reason Lottery Winners Lose Everything Within 2 Years
  • How Marisa Transformed the Life of a Plumber With a Tube of Lipstick (it’s not what you think!)
  • A Practical Exercise that Proves Our Mind Believes Everything We Tell It (whether it’s true or not)
  • How An American Celebrity Changed His Life in One Afternoon after Meeting Marisa
  • Why We Need to Incorporate Daily Praise (for ourselves and others)
  • How Marisa Helped a ‘Successful’ but Suicidal British Trader Come to Terms With Her Past
  • One of the Major Causes of Depression and What To Do about It
  • Why we Need to Be Careful When Communicating with Our Brain
  • The Single Phrase that Will Transform Our Life

Your mind will do what you tell it. Now that you know that, tell it great things.”

The power of Marisa’s message is truly mind-blowing. Don’t miss hearing her firsthand experience on it’s ability to transform lives.

Oh, and in case you forgot: you are enough. 


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