How can we disrupt tradition and Culture?

Miki Agrawal, a creative social entrepreneur and founder of over half a dozen businesses valued at over $100 million, reveals the secrets on how to creatively introduce a disruptive product to the market and shares the 7 key things that every person looking to start their own business needs to hear. 

Funny and entertaining, Miki gets into the nitty gritty of how her businesses in the pizza, poop and period industry (to name a few of them!) have helped her not only create incredible business success, but have made a valuable contribution to the world that she can stand behind.

The future of entrepreneurship is social entrepreneurship.

—  Miki Agrawal

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How to think of money as a flowing energy exchange, not something tacky to talk about
  • The importance of a giveback mission and how conscious businesses make 14x more than those that aren’t
  • The simple, easy thing that can help increase a business conversion rate by 20%
  • What an empowerment model is and why giving isn’t necessarily the best idea
  • How to avoid the dangers of indoctrination and why taking a solid side is critical to both you and your business’ growth
  • How radical authenticity helped Miki go viral (and how you can do it too)
  • The underwear campaign that took them from $25,000 a month to over $1 million per month in less than 3 months
  • Why it’s essential to invite the audience, customers, and press to take part in the experience
  • How strong value props delivered in a fun way can help generate $100 of thousands of dollars
  • Why accessible and relatable language is critical to any advertising campaign (and how to do it)
  • Where your Dantian is on your body and how to tap into your power source 

Who is society? Society is no different than you or me.

Can we create a new reality for you and me? Absolutely.

—  Miki Agrawal

We guarantee this episode will get you thinking of your business in ways you never thought before. Don’t miss listening to one of the most creative entrepreneurs in the biz — tune into Miki today.

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The world needs people that are ready to disrupt.

— Miki Agrawal

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