View the world as a stakeholder in a business.

“When it’s about to start raining gold, don’t go out with a thimble, go out there with a pickup truck.”

In this gold-mine episode, leading investor of the world’s top ranked investment portfolio Phil Town shares nugget after nugget of specific, actionable steps on how the average Joe can take steps to creating an abundant life and why developing powerful personal values is critical to become a real investor.

Phil talks us through a detailed analysis of what someone who is new to investing should consider and leads us through a step-by-step process (calculations and resources included) of how we can go about implementing it immediately. He reveals how we shouldn’t focus on money as an investor — and what we should focus on instead.

Phil explains how it’s critical to approach investing ethically and how it’s only through conscious investing that we’ll discover true wealth. He explains how it’s our responsibility of citizens of the world to put our money into what we value; by allowing someone else to invest our money we’re forfeiting our chance to represent our value. We need to consider how a business treats other stakeholders – its employees, the environment and the community.

This episode is loaded with goldmines – or, at least dozens of sure-fire strategies on how to find it. Don’t miss listening from the man who turned a thousand dollars into $1.5 million in only 5 years.

One of the critical things about becoming an investor is that you’re voting your values.

You’re thinking about what you want the world to be and what you want to support in the world with your money.


— Phil Town

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The best steps to take if you’re new to investing
  • Why we should only invest with companies we share values with
  • What a switching moat and brand moat are, and why they matter
  • Warren Buffet’s #1 rule for investing
  • Ethical investing and why we should be proud of the business we own
  • How to time buying and selling (but what this really means)
  • Why it’s critical to understand the company we’re investing in
  • How a good investor develops logic and patience
  • Owner earnings – why they’re critical for calculating worthy investments (and how to calculate them)
  • Free cash flow and why we need to understand it
  • What ‘selling into greed and buying into fear’ means
  • Operating and cash flow – why this matters and how to find
  • Group consciousness and why we need to be careful of it
  • How to take advantage of the upcoming economic storm
  • What Chipotle and Apple have in common
  • Why we should invest in Humanity+ companies
  • What happened when Phil was working on developing Apple’s new interface with Steve Jobs
  • The best time to teach our kids about investing
  • How to create confidence in the future

We don’t focus on money as an investor, we focus on doing something in the world that we really want to do.

Phil Town

Listening to this episode could be the most useful 40 minutes of your day —your future self will thank you.

“Vote with your money for very specific futures.”

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