What are you afraid of?

New York Times bestselling author, top-rated podcaster, entrepreneur and innovator, Ruth Soukup, shares the 7 Fear Archetypes, how to determine which one we are, and how we can use this information to overcome the fear in our daily life.

Ruth explains how not all fear is created equally and that we could all have a different experience to the same ‘fear.’ What’s more, a lot of our fear is actually subconscious. It’s only when we shine the light on it and identify it that we have the power to do something about it.

Courage is like a muscle. You have to constantly exercise it.

— Ruth Soukup

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How people pleasing and rule following can be detrimental
  • The balance between perfectionism and procrastination
  • The principle of courage and how to make a mindset shift
  • What outcasts are really afraid of
  • How past trauma and adversity can affect our perception of reality
  • The ultimate antidote for fear (for any of the archetypes)
  • A practical model to help us overcome our fear

Tune in today to hear the best way to tackle your fear and start living life to your full potential.


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