If you want to go three steps forward, you have to go three steps deep.

From the monk who’s on a mission to make wisdom go viral, this captivating interview will undoubtedly be one of the most entertaining – and educational – half hours you ever watch.

Live from Mindvalley’s stage, former monk gone host, storyteller and all-around incredible human being, Jay Shetty, shares teachings from his 13-year journey of spiritual practice and drops tons of practical, powerful ways we can apply them in our every day lives.

Loaded with humorous stories and insightful teachings, listening to Jay speak is like hanging out with an old best friend whose entertaining stories have nuggets of wisdom hidden in every corner.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The pros and cons of deep, immersive meditation practice vs. shorter, frequent practice
  • Why it’s critical to develop a daily ritual that allows you to be a better individual
  • How to refine your intentions on a daily basis and not get distracted from what’s meaningful to you
  • What to do with family and friends that seem unwilling to pursue personal development
  • The 3 things Jay always makes sure his content has (this is powerful)
  • Why most of learning is actually unlearning
  • Why (and how) we need to get strategic with our spirituality

The more we grow the more we can give back.

  • Why Jay took time off to go to an ashram in India for a month even while his career was skyrocketing
  • What exactly Jay does at an ashram and the story of his neck tattoo
  • The most important kind of gardening we all need to do on a daily basis (that has nothing to do with dirt!)
  • Education vs. entertainment – why it isn’t necessarily one or the other
  • Why most people would choose to receive an electric shot rather than sit for 15 minutes with their thoughts (actual study!)
  • How Jay loves playing FIFA and watching movies (but the specific kind he likes is key)
  • Jay’s personal mission and a live Q&A with the audience

You can’t take the world further then you’ve visited internally.


— Jay Shetty

We guarantee you’ll want to hear more of Jay after listening. Tune in today!

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