Can we really manifest that which we desire?

Motivational speaker and award-winning entrepreneur Sarah Prout shares how we have the power to consciously manifest that which we desire through our connection to the universe and by empowering our emotions.

Sarah is the host of the Journey to Manifesting podcast and co-founder of the Manifesting Academy. In this inspiring interview, she reveals the step-by-step process to harness the power of manifestation and helps us understand how we can live a life that’s authentic to our truth.

“Manifesting is the purpose of existence. We have to manifest in order to provide for ourselves.”

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How Sarah Survived Domestic Violence and How It Lead Her to discover the Power of Manifestation
  • The 3 Keys to Manifest Powerfully
  • How Ownership is Critical to Manifest Powerfully
  • Why Emotional Responsibility is is Essential for Our Ideas to Manifest
  • How Sarah Manifested Becoming Pregnant
  • How Keywords and Flow play a Role in Manifestation
  • Why we Need to Get Comfortable with the Miracle of Uncertainty
  • How Reverence is a Key Factor for Our Ideas to Come to Life
  • The Key to Navigating the Now
  • Why we Need to Have Have Faith in Divine Time

“Feelings becomes things… (As) Sentient Beings, we are feeling all the time — the way we feel about those things is what drives the manifestation.”

Are you ready to manifest powerfully and create the life you desire? Tune into Sarah’s presentation to learn how.


Connect with Sarah:

Mentions and Resources:

  • Sean Patrick Simpson, co-founder of The Manifesting Academy
  • Ursula Gestefeld, 19th Century New Thought author
  • Michael Singer, New York Times bestselling author
  • The Surrender Experiment, by Michael Singer
  • The Untethered Soul, by Michale Singer
  • The Manifesting Academy

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