Is it possible to reach your ideal state of happiness?

If only… Then, I will be happy…

In this interview, meditation expert and pioneer of one of the Western world’s oldest and most respected retreat centres, Sharon Salzberg, shares how practicing mindfulness and loving-kindness every day is the foundation for true happiness.

As a meditation practitioner since 1971, Sharon reveals powerful yet simple techniques on how to develop our conscious awareness and a practical daily meditation practice we can do in as little as 16 minutes every day.

Real happiness is the ability to self generate a sense of of stability, presence and love and find the source of happiness not dependent on conditions.

— Sharon Salzberg

If you’ve ever felt that if only you got that new job, if only your partner acted this way, if only you were able to (insert your vice here) — then, only then, you would be happy — Sharon’s interview will not be one you’ll want to miss.

Listen and download Sharon’s guided meditation here

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What metta is and how it’s key to discovering happiness
  • Vipassana and the difference ways we can practice in our day-to-day life
  • A powerful practice we can do whenever we’re waiting
  • A daily 16-minute meditation practice encompassing two powerful techniques
  • How our thoughts have the power to influence the biology of others
  • Why it’s critical to practice everyday
  • How our breathe is a useful tool for developing insight
  • How mindfulness and loving-kindness are a powerful combination to expanding our conscious growth
  • The neuroscience behind the benefits of meditation
  • How a meditation practice can induce a state shift in our consciousness
  • If meditation apps help or harm
  • If group meditation can be beneficial
  • Sharon’s personal meditation routine
  • A beautiful 7-minute guided meditation by Sharon herself

Are you prepared to intentionally live a life of joy and fulfillment? Learn the techniques to consciously create it now.

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