What does it take to consistently achieve paradigm-shifting, never seen before breakthroughs?

In this popular Mindvalley University presentation, leading researcher from the Flow Research Collective, Steven Kotler, reveals the single common denominator to consistently and deliberately operate at peak human performance: flow state.

When we’re in this elevated state of consciousness, everything seems easy, effortless, and the results (and sensations) are incredible. We’re more productive, creative and resilient than we could ever imagine. We literally learn and make neurochemical synapses faster. We bridge connections we never even realized were possible, create what was previously unimaginable and attain unprecedented physical feats never dreamed of before.

The best news: flow state is hackable.

As one of the world’s top specialists in altered states of consciousness, Steven shares potent strategies on how we can induce flow state to reach peak human performance in our career, health, relationships, business, athletic endeavors and every aspect of our life.

You have to believe that you can achieve the impossible before you achieve the impossible. There’s just no other way around it.

— Steven Kotler

In this episode you’ll discover

  • Where flow actually comes from and simple techniques to trigger it every day
  • The High Performance Triangle and how to maximize it for success
  • How motivation, creativity and learning are critical for high performance
  • Why 3:59.4 could be the most important number we ever see
  • The 7 core elements of flow (you’ve probably stumbled across it by accident)
  • Why Facebook employees aren’t allowed to say no (and what we can learn from this)
  • Why autonomy, uninterrupted concentration and deep embodiment are essential for a thriving workplace
  • The 4 fields that forward our knowledge of flow
  • The power of flow in organizations and business

What kinds of impossible grand challenges would you go after, in the world, in your own life, if you could be 500% more productive, 600% more creative and cut learning time in half?

— Steven Kotler

Ready to level up?

Don’t miss this presentation if you want to feel and perform your best when it actually matters.

Resources and Mentions:

  • The Flow Research Collective
  • Flow Fundamentals
  • Larry Page
  • Jeff Basel
  • Elon Musk
  • Richard Davidson
  • Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

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