We all have a book inside of us waiting to be written.

We all have a phenomenal, one-of-a-kind story to tell — our unique message or experience which contributes to the world and that people want to hear. The question is: how to get that book out?

This is what four time New York Times bestselling author (and the third person to ever have 3 bestselling books on the New York Times bestseller list at the same time) Tucker Max shares with us today: how to get our book out to the world.

Tucker, CEO of ScribeWriting, shares how to write a book in record time (and not just any book, a bestselling book), a clear actionable and direct framework to organize our knowledge and how to write a book without actually writing it.

If you want to get your idea out to the masses in the best possible way (while making it as quick and easy as possible), this is not an episode you’ll want to miss.

Start from the place of complete service to your reader, and that begins with getting a deep understanding for your reader.

— Tucker Max

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The 3 things you need to know before writing your book
  • How to title a book to become a bestseller
  • Why you should care more about your readers than your idea
  • Your author avatar – what it is and why you need to create one ASAP
  • How many chapters a good non-fiction book should have
  • How many words a good book should have (hint – it’s not what you think!)
  • Why the stories in your book are just as important as the information
  • The 3 things that make a story great
  • How to string chapters together
  • The best transcription apps and services
  • How to get into an optimal state for writing through flow
  • How to make a book gripping (this method makes total sense)
  • The best places to go to get published
  • Why your book isn’t for you (and who it’s really for instead)

When you have the mix of actionable information with a great story people can’t stop reading.

Ready to solve the three major problems (time, expertise, and marketing) that’s stopping you from publishing your book? Tune into Tucker’s interview to get your book started today.

Resources and Mentions:

People don’t care about you or your book. If your book accepts that and recognizes that and you frame your book about helping them, then you’re going to get everything you want because your book is so helpful to them.

— Tucker Max

Connect with Tucker:

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What’s your biggest learning from this incredibly insightful interview with Tucker?

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