How To Understand, Identify, And Stop Microaggressions

While overt racism, sexism, ableism, and other forms of discrimination are relatively easy to spot, we cannot neglect the subtler everyday actions that normalize exclusion. We are thrilled to have Dr. Tiffany Jana join us for today’s episode to help us recognize these harmful workplace habits that we may be engaging in unconsciously and how to stop them from happening.

Listen out for:

  • How are organizations reacting to the Black Lives Matter movement?
  • What are Micro-Aggressions?
  • The subtle acts of exclusion you must be aware of.
  • How to be proactive to educate yourself on this subject.


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About Dr Tiffany Jana

Dr. Tiffany Jana is the founder of TMI Consulting, Inc. a diversity, equity, and inclusion management consulting firm, founded in 2003 and headquartered in Richmond, Virginia. She serves as a strategic advisor on client engagements, and has deep expertise in diversity and inclusion, leadership, using metrics to gauge organizational equity, and unconscious bias. 

Dr. Jana is the co-author of Overcoming Bias: Building Authentic Relationships Across Differences, Erasing Institutional Bias: How to Create Systemic Change for Organizational Inclusion, and the 2nd edition of the B Corp Handbook. 

She has also spoken on the TEDx stage on the Power of Privilege and at SXSW on Unconscious Bias.



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