‘Plant medicine is going to explode in the next few years.’

In this special podcast, we’re joined by Mindvalley founder Vishen Lakhiani and globally celebrated ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ author Jack Canfield to explore Plant medicine. They share some fascinating stories about their Ayahuasca experiences.

Get strapped in…it’s going to be an epic, if not bumpy, ride!

So why is the famed plant medicine deemed as an illegal drug right now? And what can you expect to experience if you take the plunge?

Listen out for:

  • Vishen’s first Ayahuasca Experience and why it wasn’t remarkable.
  • Vishen’s second Ayahuasca Experience & how the universe communicated with him…
  • The 3 questions you can ask when you are in Ayahuasca.
  • The 7 day Ayahuasca retreat at Rhythmia where you can have a transformational experience.
  • The Humorous Conversation between Jack and his Soul.
  • Why is the famed plant medicine deemed as an illegal drug in some countries? And where can you have the experience yourself?

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About Jack Canfield

Jack Canfield is a highly sought-after teacher, truth-seeker, storyteller and life changer!

Founder of the billion-dollar Chicken Soup for the Soul™ publishing empire Jack has sold 500+ million books worldwide and continues to support humanity in living lives of greater joy, meaning, and fulfilment.

From his earliest days teaching inner-city high school students how to discover their potential and succeed no matter what their circumstances…

…to becoming a world-renowned transformational speaker and trainer who has conducted more than 2,500 workshops and events all over the world, Jack Canfield has devoted his life and career to helping others achieve their personal definition of success.



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