Healthy and conscious relationships require work, healing of our inner child, and we must start them knowing that we are already complete as ourselves. But what does that really look like? Is it learning to self-soothe and feel safe in our own bodies? Is it developing a deep relationship with ourselves and getting to know our shadows? Our guest today, Sheleana Aiyana, is a spiritual Counsellor, Author, and Founder of Rising Woman. Join Vishen Lakhiani and Sheleana as they talk about the most exciting facts about conscious relationships and emotional healing.


Sheleana Aiyana is the founder and visionary of Rising Woman, Conscious Relationship, and spiritual psychology writer. Her early childhood experiences of abandonment, trauma, and loss followed her throughout her early adult life until it all went south during her mid 20’s. After a painful divorce, her awakening was catalyzed. All of the pain from her past was up for view. And thus, the journey began. Since then, She has engaged in years of training, plant-medicine ceremonies, breath work, shadow work, and inner-child work. In 2015, she slowly began to put the pieces together and today, Rising Woman is a community of over 2.4 million and counting.


Listen out for:

– The story behind how Sheleana became successful. 

– The definition of a conscious relationship.

– When is the right time to set boundaries?

– The patterns that stop women from leaving a relationship.

– The definition of emotional healing through conscious relationship.

– What to look for in a person you are going on a date with. 

– Live bonus Q&A session.



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