What if we could adopt ideas from companies like Intel and Google –

Companies that are incredibly great at execution – and achieve visions that actually transform the planet?

Live from Bali’s A-Fest stage, Mindvalley founder and CEO, Vishen Lakhiani, shares how we can magnify our business and personal vision using the art and science of OKRs (objective key results).

Vishen explains how OKRs help us create a long term vision with a short term direction and walks us through the step-by-step process on how to bridge the gap between our bold vision and what we need to do today. Whether you’re a CEO, founder, team leader or team member, OKRs help us become more efficient and aligned on every level.

Healthy people create healthy cultures. Healthy cultures are going to help you achieve your goal better.

— Vishen Lakhiani

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How to get bold with your vision without getting fluffy
  • How to break down your core purpose into aspirational objectives
  • How to break down your primary objective into measurable key results
  • The 2 types of objectives and what percentage you want of each
  • The rules for OKRs and how they differ from MBOs
  • The benefits of OKR and how they make failure safe
  • How to track for accountability within a team
  • How to avoid the dark side of obsession in a vision
  • What busyness is really a sign of
  • Why we need to be public with our OKRs (this is powerful)
  • Vishen’s top 4 book recommendations to supercharge your personal evolution
  • Why SpaceX is the top company to work for in Silicon Valley
  • Mindvalley’s core purpose and OKRs
  • Live Q&A from the audience

If you’re afraid to fail you’re not going to make radical innovation.

— Vishen Lakhiani

Learn how to create the foundation for your vision to succeed. Tune into this powerful presentation today.

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