Your time, energy and resources are finite; make sure you’re pushing them into the right place.

In this 3-way panel discussion recorded from Mindvalley’s A-Fest stage in Bali, serial entrepreneurs and life artists Jon and Missy Butcher get into the nuts and bolts of the world’s premier lifestyle design system: Lifebook.

Jon, Missy and Vishen answer live questions from the audience on practical, proven ways to ensure we develop the systems and habits to set up our life for success. They share what a day in the life of the couple who’ve founded over 19 companies while having a thriving family and love life (while traveling the world!) looks like.

How will a day in my life vision look like?

Am I asking enough of myself, or am I playing too small?

— Jon Butcher

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How to know what you really want and how to balance allowing and intention
  • Why doing something 100% of the time is easier than 99% of the time
  • The 4 key questions you need to answer to form the synopsis of your life vision
  • How the foundational goals fit within the One Thing
  • Why work-life balance is a myth (this is interesting and powerful)
  • The 12 sacred choices and how your daily habits support your life vision
  • Jon and Missy’s key personal habits that help them execute powerfully
  • What the average day in Jon and Missy’s life looks like
  • How structured rhythms create the systems and processes to allow you to succeed
  • Why you need to know your hourly rate ASAP and not be afraid to delegate anything that isn’t worth your time
  • Why calibration and evaluating your results is critical
  • How to stay committed to your life vision through challenges and hardships
  • How having an accountability partner is essential when you’re implementing new habits

Whatever you do in this present moment turns your life into what it ends up being.

You know the kind of life you want to live, step into that life and start living it in all your daily actions.

— Missy Butcher

Are you ready to step into the life you know you want to be living? Don’t wait another day – tune into Jon and Missy to learn the habits to ensure you succeed today.

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