What really motivates your employees?

From the 4000 people that CEO, Vishen Lakhiani has interviewed for Mindvalley, he has identified the 4 fundamental things that every person he interviews is ultimately seeking.

Contrary to popular belief, he explains how people take jobs based not on a brain-based decision (salary, status etc.), but rather from an intuitive, heart-centred approach. He reveals which characteristic his strongest hires have valued and how to create a thriving place to work, play and perform at the highest level.

In 5 minutes you’ll learn:

  • How happiness, abundance and a sense of purpose are all connected to our job satisfaction
  • The categorical job quadrant and how our values often match our career choices
  • The 4 things that every person is seeking (not just limited to their job!)
  • Why growth is a common factor to success not only in the workplace, but for our health and personal transformation
  • How to create a thriving workplace culture that takes everyone to the next level

Culture is about ensuring that the people who join your company are happy and in an environment that lights them up, that they have a sense of meaning, that they are growing, and that they are living a life where they feel abundant.

— Vishen Lakhiani

Tune in to learn how to create, work and play in the company of your dreams.

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