There’s a voice inside all of us that is roaring to be heard

And we have a responsibility to use that voice.

Motivational speaking sensation Lisa Nichols explains how we often hide from that voice behind our own mask of fear, discomfort and mediocrity. Lisa shares how she got stuck in her own limiting story of herself for 15 years, and how she managed to break free and discover her true voice.

This presentation will give you the power to do the same.

Lisa shows us how we can use our voice to infect and affect people and the planet — for the better. She shows us how to use our challenges and hardships as fuel to make our voice and message even more powerful — how to become so unforgettable that people feel like they have to change their life because they crossed our path.

This powerful presentation will have you screaming, crying and, more than anything, leaping into the unknown territory of possibility that you were hiding from before.

You want to be willing to speak at a new level? You’ve got to be willing to love at another level. Forgive at another level. Show up at another level. Speak up at a new level. Pray at a new level.

You have to be willing to uplevel who you be on a daily basis.

— Lisa Nichols

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How to use you voice to infect and affect people and the planet
  • Techniques to help magnify your voice (for the better!)
  • The art of humility and what it means to be a servant leader
  • How to give ourselves permission to be re-invented and discover on own truth
  • Why we need to learn to love our imperfections to love our whole self
  • What we can learn from Lisa’s stinky uncle Leonard and why we should think like children

Are you willing to rise above your wounds, your discomfort and your limitations and see it all as possibility?

— Lisa Nichols

Shatter the limiting beliefs you previously had of yourself and unleash the roaring message inside of you that is bursting to be heard. Listen to Lisa’s presentation now!

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