Why You Need to Build Emotional Intelligence

What does it take to run organizations successfully? Ferocity? Drive? Having a high IQ? Well, according to Harvard Business Review, former New York Times writer and best-selling author Daniel Goleman, the critical factor is Emotional Intelligence.

Listen out for:

  • The 4 Key Competencies of Emotional Intelligence
  • The encouraging difference between IQ and ‘EQ’
  • How to use and manage your emotional energy toward a positive outcome

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A little bit about Daniel Goleman…

Daniel Goleman is a world renowned psychologist and scientific journalist and the pioneer who first promoted ‘Emotional Intelligence’ to the global vernacular.
The Harvard Business Review called it “a revolutionary, paradigm-shattering idea” and chose his article “What Makes a Leader” as one of ten “must-read” articles from its pages.
His 1995 seminal work ‘Emotional Intelligence’ was named one of the 25 “Most Influential Business Management Books” by TIME Magazine.
In fact, the Financial Times, Wall Street Journal and Accenture Insititute for Strategic Change have all listed Goleman among the most influential business thinkers.

Links mentioned in the episode:

  • Emotional Alchemy – https://www.amazon.com/Emotional-Alchemy-Mind-Heal-Heart/dp/0609809032
  • Daniel Goleman’s website – https://golemanei.com/


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