Eleanor Tweddell founded Another Door when she was made redundant and had a feeling she wanted to do something other than corporate life. She has worked for organizations such as Costa Coffee, Virgin Atlantic, and Vodafone – but it felt like it was time to change. She got curious about what else was out there and what else she could be doing. She wrote a blog, started a podcast, and wrote a book ‘Why losing your job could be the best thing to happen to you,’ published by Penguin. Another Door is a club supporting people in the space between a door closing and the next door opening and takes people from shock to thriving. Another Door also works with businesses to handle redundancies reasonably and supports their employees with outplacement workshops. Eleanor believes that when a door closes in your life, it can be a good thing. With the right support, it can be an opportunity to rethink what you want, who you are, and to reimagine your future. Join Vishen Lakhiani and Eleanor Tweddell as they talk about ways to feel empowered, own your next chapter, reinvent yourself, and make the best things happen to you.


Eleanor is an entrepreneur and the founder of Another Door, etc communications consultancy, A Good Ramble, and Snuggle Truffle. Eleanor is also the creator of The Rambling Mind Method – a transformational coaching experience inspired by the power of walking and being outdoors. She is the author of “Why losing your job could be the best thing that ever happens to you,” published by Penguin in 2020. After 23 years of corporate life, in senior roles with great brands such as Whitbread, Costa Coffee, RAC, Virgin Atlantic, and Vodafone, Eleanor decided to start her first business after being made redundant. She is now a writer, coach, and facilitator specializing in helping people reinvent themselves and create big change in their personal lives and businesses. She is the host of the Another Door podcast and a regular blogger. You will mostly find her in the fells of the Lake District, where she coaches people to embrace their rambling minds. 


Listen out for:

– 5 Steps to thrive after getting fired.

– Live bonus Q&A session.



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