“Always use a story to sell the obliteration of the objection.” 

Many of us associate sales with business, so by definition, we don’t consider ourselves as salespeople. However, you will be surprised when you find out how much we need to know how to sell in our day to day life. The CEO of MarketingOnline.com, Alex Mandossian is here to teach us just that.

Listen out for:

  • The revolution of marketing.
  • The Why-Now concept.
  • How to stop being lazy marketers.


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About Alex Mandossian 

Alex Mandossian is the CEO of MarketingOnline.com where he helps business owners and serial entrepreneurs grow their skill sets, mindsets, and balance sheets. He is also the founder of the All Selling Aside Podcast which is devoted to hard-working coaches, consultants, and service professionals who HATE to sell. Alex’s unique ability is developing “done-for-you”​ marketing online funnels for authors, speakers, and service professionals who want to automate and put their businesses into HIGH-GROWTH mode.



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