‘You’re actually getting a lot more feedback from the body than you are from the mind.’

We’re excited to host this world-renowned Dynamic Duo on the Superhumans at Work Podcast…presenting The Ilan & Guy Ferdman Brothers!

And they’re here with some revolutionary concepts in Business & Leadership. Strap in for an amazing audio covering what it takes to be an incredible leader using your own physical body!

Listen out for:

  • Subtle Body Awareness – Why your physical body can guide you in business.
  • Why developing your Innate Super Intelligence is easier than you think.
  • How to make BIG decisions with 100% confidence.
  • The 3 Body Parts that can and WILL talk to you.

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About Ilan and Guy Ferdman

Ilan and Guy Ferdman are brothers, life coaches, entrepreneurs, and sought-after motivational speakers.

They are also the well-known and loved founders of Satori Prime, which is dedicated to awakening the human race into living out their own personal ‘legend’. Making it big and having it all requires action – it means leaning into your fears and trusting the unknown. That’s where the brothers come in.

Ilan is the far-seeing visionary and relentless dreamer. He helps people connect to their inner passion and radically transform their lives. While Guy is the modern-day shaman and marketing genius, coaching people through profound breakthroughs at lightning speed. We’re honored to host this dynamic duo on the Superhumans at Work podcast and we hope you enjoy this episode!

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