If knowledge is power, then learning — and especially reading — is your superpower.

Now is the time to unleash it.

Jim Kwik, the world’s top learning and memory expert, presents to us live from Mindvalley’s Los Angeles stage on practical ways we can apply what we know more effectively. As one of the top specialists in optimal brain performance, Jim explains why knowledge is only power if we use it.

Jim shares powerful strategies on how we can increase our focus and concentration while reading and why the key to reading comprehension is asking the right questions. He reveals the 3-part success formula to not just learning, but to everything in our lives.

How can I use this?

Why must I use this?

When will I use this?

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The things that keep us being a slow reader (and what we can do about it)
  • The biggest lie in the personal development industry
  • The 4 words that are most dangerous in inhibiting our learning
  • Best techniques for notetaking and the number one way to improve reading comprehension
  • The 3 powerful questions we need to ask to engage our creativity in whatever we’re learning
  • Why learning is state-dependent and how we can create an environment where we’re most receptive to learning
  • Our number one tool for productivity and why reading too slow can actually inhibit our rate of learning
  • The confidence-competent loop and a simple way we can help keep our brain young
  • Why it’s critical to identify our motivation for what we’re learning
  • How to reduce decision fatigue and why we need to be more selective with what we’re reading
  • The 3 I’s for success and how to integrate them

Experiences can either define you, diminish you or they can develop you. It’s your decision.

— Jim Kwik

Don’t wait another day to learn the skills to take your growth and impact to the next level. Tune in to Jim today.

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