The life of your dreams is possible.

You have to continuously be conscious of your life — put energy into it at all times — so you continue to grow and keep cultivating.

From A-Fest’s Bali stage, the one and only powerhouse couple and founders of Lifebook, Jon and Missy Butcher, are back in action to dive deeper into their world’s premier lifestyle design system and how it has the power to truly transform (all aspects) of your life.

Jon and Missy reveal how the 360º life vision acts as a decision-making framework to help keep you on track in guiding your day-to-day actions. They explain why it’s critical to bring consciousness and awareness to all aspects of our life and share tons of practical, actionable habits they practice in their continuous journey to create and live, the life of their dreams.

We help you get clear on what your highest self looks like.

— Jon Butcher

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The dark and light side of having a powerful vision
  • How powerfully our beliefs shape our thoughts and actions, even if we don’t even realize it
  • What the 12 categories of Lifebook are (and the infamous category 13)
  • Why your love, parenting, and financial vision should be the same as your partner’s
  • The importance of daily connection rituals and what they are for Jon and Missy
  • How to handle relationship conflict when it arises and why Jon and Missy don’t believe in compromise (this is powerful)
  • The 4 key questions you need to answer to form the synopsis of your life vision
  • The power of having an accountability partner and practical ways to remove unconscious beliefs
  • Mindvalley’s 5-part framework to optimize a human being for transformation
  • How meditation and altered states can be used to supercharge our growth
  • Why we need to get curious about the other person’s point of view instead of judgmental
  • The power of sex and intimacy to transform other areas of our life

Lifebook is a practice of consciousness.

Whether you’re conscious of your beliefs or not, they are in control of your entire life.

— Missy Butcher

Ready to learn the formula to create the life of your dreams? Tune into Jon and Missy to hear how today.

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