We’re gods and we forgot

Following his visionary talk at A-Fest’s stage in Bali, we get a chance to personally interview fast-thinking visionary, futurist and film-maker, Jason Silva, on how to consciously live in a state of awe and creation.

Jason and Vishen discuss the potential for how virtual reality can help us grow humanity’s conscious evolution and future potential (and dangers) of AI. They discuss everything from the best way to get into flow state, the single biggest insight that Jason’s gained from all his work, and what he thinks are some of the biggest problems in our world today.

The new space is inner space.

— Jason Silva

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How (and why) cinema can help expand our conscious evolution
  • The 4-part equation to stewarding the internal structure of consciousness
  • How social responsibility comes to play with technology
  • Jason’s thoughts on meditation and what his meditative practices are
  • What the most promising uses of AI would be for Jason
  • A practical exercise to help us channel flow and top tips for entering flow state
  • Best advice for parents that are raising children in the rapidly advancing tech society
  • What conscious modulating substance Jason uses to induce flow state, productivity and increase his problem-solving ability
  • Best advice for people wanting to positively impact a billion lives
  • How the salon methodology can be used to cultivate connection
  • How Jason’s anxiety of human mortality influenced the direction of his work

Our responsibility is not to script what is to come out, but rather to cultivate the atmosphere.

—  Jason Silva

Ready to accelerate your personal growth and evolution? Tune in to get a glimpse of Jason’s epic vision for the future and see what part of it you’ll play.


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