Leadership has to do with who you are, how you live, your perspective on the world and your ability to influence people around you in a positive direction.

Steve Farber, president and founder of The Extreme Leadership Institute, explains how and why we need to choose to lead regardless of our environment.

Steve reveals 4 powerful principles on how we can adopt the mindset of the world’s best leaders and rise up to lead regardless of our position, title or level of authority. He discusses why we should never underestimate our power to transform an organization and shares the key questions we need to ask ourselves to lead powerfully in not only our workplace, but in every area of our life. 

What can I do right now regardless of what anyone else is doing to change my piece of the world for the better?

— Steve Farber

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How to reframe our perspective of how we view ourselves as a leader
  • The biggest myth about leadership (and why this matters to you)
  • What being an adult really means (this is good!)
  • Why we need to do the parts of our work that we don’t like in order to do the parts that we do like
  • How we’re actually choosing not to lead every day, and may not even realize it
  • What a story inventory is and why we need to take one from everyone we work with ASAP (so powerful)
  • What happened to the one new employee out of Vishen’s 20 new hires that actually had the courage to share her ideas
  • Advice for those that are already in a traditional, authoritative position
  • How to create an environment where everyone feels comfortable stepping into a leadership role
  • The ultimate leadership question we need to ask ourselves today
  • Why we need to cultivate what we love doing outside of our work

Do what you love in the service of people who love what you do.

— Steve Farber

Ready to rise up and become the leader you know you were born to be? Tune into Steve to learn how today.

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