Your mind does what it thinks you want it to do.

What are you going to tell it?

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Do you want more money? A more loving relationship? Incredible business success?

What is the reason why this isn’t already a reality in your life today?

Britain’s top therapist and renown international speaker, Marisa Peer, explains how our childhood experiences around money, relationships, and success have influenced our access to abundance as an adult.

In this powerful, guided hypnosis Marisa leads us through an empowering journey of shattering those limiting beliefs and rediscovering the wealth, success and abundance — our birthright that too many of us lost from our (unconscious) childhood programming.

You were put on this planet with a gift. And you know how to monetize your gift.
— Marisa Peer

After listening to this presentation, you will leave clear, confident and reconnected with your ability to create abundance and infinite wealth in every aspect of your life. Don’t miss Marisa’s powerful reminder of the bountiful richness the world has to offer you.

*Bonus – you’ll also discover:

  • Why you having more money doesn’t mean somebody else has less
  • Why 70% of people who win the lottery go bankrupt in 3 years
  • What we can learn from kids who believe that if we want more money, we simply stick a piece of plastic into the wall and get more
  • Why we like what’s familiar, even if it’s bad for us

You are abundant, you are worthy and you are deeply significant.

Tune into this powerful guided hypnosis and shatter anything previously blocking your birthright to abundance today!

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