The only reason politics can be toxic is that we haven’t infused it with personal growth yet.

We shouldn’t be standing on the outside, we should be sending one of our guys in.

2020 Presidential candidate, internationally acclaimed lecturer, activist, and author of four #1 New York Times bestselling books, Marianne Williamson, shares how those that love needs to do so just as fiercely, strategically and with as much conviction as those that hate.

Marianne shows how love has to be integrated with politics, and how it is only through harnessing truth and unity that we can save the world. She explains why we need to shift from only focusing on transforming ourselves, to focusing on transforming humanity as a whole.

Random acts of kindness are not enough right now. We need huge strategized acts of doing the right thing.

— Marianne Williamson

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How our species is experiencing a malignancy in consciousness, and what we need to do to heal ourselves
  • How many of the things that we dislike in politics were able to occur because of our lack of participation (and what we need to do!)
  • The principles of transformation – not just for ourselves, but all of humanity
  • Why drinking green juice and eating gluten-free only goes so far
  • How human evolution is in a crisis and what we can do to actively be the best of service
  • Why loving our own child is not enough to save the world (and who we need to love to truly transform)

We have to expand our love, and as we do, miracles happen. Miracles always happen when love is present.

Are you up for the challenge of actively contributing to the transformation and evolution of all of humanity? Tune into Marianne today to learn how you can heal yourself and the planet.

We need to transform. The world needs to transform. We are in a crisis.

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