“You are abundant, you are wealthy, you are rich, you are deeply significant.”

On Mindvalley University’s centre stage in Tallinn, the ever-enchanting and equally wise Marisa Peer reminds us of our most fundamental nature:

We were put on this planet with a gift.

We have immense value to offer the world.

And, we have unlimited potential to monetize our gift — to simultaneously give and receive in this abundant world.

As one of Britain’s top therapists, Marisa explains how our childhood experiences about money have influenced our relationship with money as an adult. The limiting beliefs — and hence financial experience we’re having now — are all rooted down to something that happened before the age of 5.

Every thought you think, every word you say is a blueprint that you must move towards.

— Marisa Peer

In a powerful, guided visualization, Marisa leads us through an empowering journey of rediscovering the wealth and abundance — our birthright — that too many of us lost during our childhood.

After listening to this presentation, you will leave confident, empowered and newly in touch with your ability to create abundance and infinite wealth in every aspect of your life. Don’t miss Marisa’s powerful reminder of the bountiful richness the world has to offer you.

You have something of immense value to offer the world. The world recognizes your gift and the world rewards you. You know how to monetize your gift.
You are abundant, you are wealthy, you are rich, you are deeply significant.

Tune into this empowering visualization and discover your birthright to abundance today!

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