“The day you become humble is the day you become successful.”

Listen in, as the man who pioneers space exploration, health and cultural reform shares a glimpse into the incredible mindset that all great thinkers and doers have mastered.

In this episode we get to peek into the extraordinary mind of one of the world’s leading innovators and philanthropists, Naveen Jain. Naveen reveals how it is only by focusing on problems that affect all of humanity (rather than just the individual) that we’ll ever achieve anything great.

He explains how we define success is critical (and what his definition is), and how choosing a mindset of abundance over scarcity is what makes all the difference. He breaks down how to reframe our questions to shatter the illusion of what’s possible.

Founder of Moon Express (a company whose mission is to redefine possible by returning to the Moon and unlocking its resources for the benefit of humanity), Viome, World Innovation Institute, iNome, TalentWise, Intelius, and Infospace (to name a few!), Naveen shares how the world’s best minds always set out to solve the biggest problems.

These 60 minutes will take you to a whole new dimension – don’t miss listening to the man who truly knows no limits.

The only way we can make progress in life is to stop looking at the world as is and start focusing on what the world can be.

— Naveen Jain

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Practical ways we can choose a mindset of abundance over scarcity
  • How we’re literally less than 1% humans (the science will blow you away)
  • Why we should even be concerned about how humans could live on the moon in the first place
  • Why passion is for losers and why we should be obsessed instead
  • Why Naveen spends the first 3 hours of his day on Twitter (it’s not what you think!)
  • The #1 value Naveen encouraged in his kids
  • The real reason why Teslas are more valuable than Fords

Your success will never be measured by how much money you have, your success will be measured by how many lives you improve.

  • Why the least you know, the better chance you have of improving something in the industry
  • The difference between a leader and a manager, and which one we want in our company
  • The root of all chronic disease and how they’re completely preventable
  • How the secret to health lies in our gut
  • Why intellectual curiosity is critical for humanity’s progress
  • The single thing that brought Naveen from an immigrant in a new country making $3/hour to one of the most influential and powerful people on the planet
  • Non-profit vs. profit companies: which one should we want?

The limitations we place on ourselves are self made because we cannot imagine anything other.

Listen to this episode and watch your life transform in ways you never believed possible.

Resources and Mentions:

  • Moonshots by Naveen Jain
  • Moon Express
  • Viome
  • Kairos
  • Dave Asprey
  • Elon Musk
  • Jeff Beezel
  • Richard Branson
  • Patty McCord

Connect with Naveen:

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