“Your capacity to lead is your capacity to manage networks.”

Business today calls for strong leaders with strong leadership qualities to prove it. Einstein once said, ‘We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them,’ and that’s why author and entrepreneur Keith Ferrazzi believes we really need each other for our personal development and the development of our businesses. In this leadership speech, you’ll learn why great companies require radical interdependency and how to employ that concept in your business, allowing you to connect to the people involved in it. 

Listen out for:

  • The story of Keith’s foster child.
  • The real definition of leadership.
  • Finding your leadership movement. 
  • The co-evaluation formula. 
  • Definition of the victim mindset.
  • How Keith’s mom inspired him. 


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About Keith Ferrazzi 

Keith Ferrazzi is recognized as the modern-day Dale Carnegie, and his two New York Times bestsellers, Never Eat Alone and Who’s Got Your Back?, are widely regarded as the ‘business bibles’ of networking. He went from working as a golf caddy for a mere $20/day to becoming the youngest CMO of a Fortune 500 company. He is now the chairman of Ferrazzi Greenlight, where he coaches global organizations and C-Suite executive teams. He is a frequent contributor to Harvard Business Review, WSJ, Fast Company, Forbes, Inc, Fortune, and other publications. 



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