‘It is completely misguided to think that technology will replace our workforce.’

Join us for another gripping interview with the author of ‘The Humachine’, Nada Sanders, where we discuss the future of humankind and machines. Tune in to find out how to merge the two in order to prepare your enterprise for the future.

Listen out for:

  • What is the Humachine?
  • The Technology Era vs The Human Era.
  • Is the surge in AI a threat to your job? Why can’t the two co-exist?
  • Do you really need to learn coding to survive the era of Artificial Intelligence?

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About Nada Sanders

Dr. Nada Sanders is an internationally recognized thought leader and expert in forecasting, predictive analytics, risk management and supply chain management. She is author of the books Big Data-Driven Supply Chain Management , Foundations of Sustainable Business , Forecasting Fundamentals as well as Supply Chain Management: A Global Perspective, and is co-author of the book Operations Management.

Throughout her career, Dr. Sanders has successfully held a range of leadership roles in both academic and professional organizations and has served on numerous executive boards. She has provided training and consulting to a range of Fortune 500 companies, including IDG, Nike, AT&T, CIBA Corning, Mattel, Schottenstein Corp., Cognitive TPG, MTC Corp., Dell, and many others.

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