‘People assume that Netflix has always been this successful. It isn’t true. We were tiny. We struggled.’ 

We are thrilled to be joined by the co-founder of Netflix, Marc Randolph. Tune in for a gripping interview with Vishen Lakhiani about the untold story of how Netflix went from concept to company. Get ready for some dramatic and insightful tales from the founder of one of the most iconic companies of our time.

Listen out for:

  • How Netflix went from concept to company.
  • Dog food, personalized shampoo, baseball bats and more – the numerous rejections Marc had to face before ultimately getting it right. 
  • A piece of important advice for all aspiring entrepreneurs. 
  • The amusing story behind the name ‘NETFLIX’.
  • ‘Use Your Best Judgement’ – The unique policy that defines Netlix’s work culture. 
  • Marc’s biggest life achievement – (and it’s got nothing to do withNetflix!)

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About Marc Randolph

Marc Randolph is is the co-founder and first CEO of Netflix. He is an American tech entrepreneur, advisor, speaker and environmental advocate.

Marc’s career as an entrepreneur spans four decades. He’s founded or co-founded six other successful startups, mentored hundreds of early-stage entrepreneurs, and as an investor has helped seed dozens of successful tech ventures (and just as many unsuccessful ones). Most recently, he co-founded analytics software company Looker Data Sciences, where he now serves as director.

His book ‘That Will NEVER Work’  is now a national bestseller. It is the real-life, totally improbable story of Netflix’s early days, told in his unconventional, engaging, inspiring style. It is not only the ultimate follow-your-dreams parable, but also one of the most dramatic and insightful entrepreneurial stories of our time.




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