Have you ever wondered why your employees get stuck?

In part 3 (of 4) of Vishen Lakhiani’s series on workplace culture, the CEO of Mindvalley reveals the only goal that matters (not only in the office but in every area of our life).

He explains how though revenue and profit driven goals are important, the number one most important thing is how fast you’re growing, how fast you’re transforming and how you’re becoming the best version of yourself in every aspect of life.

When you make growth the number one goal, everything else will rise.

— Vishen Lakhiani

In 3 minutes you’ll discover:

  • How managers often push their employees — but in the wrong direction
  • Why growth (on every level) should be the common goal for the entire team
  • How upleveling our health, our bodies and minds, and the company are all connected
  • Where we can access coaching and mentors from the world’s best leaders in personal transformation, health, business and relationships

Light a fire under your ass, so you become the best version of yourself.


— Vishen Lakhiani

Take 3 minutes and learn how to transform yourself on every level.

Resources and Mentions:

[Don’t miss Part 1 – What Employees Really Want, and Part 2 – How Work Can Be Healing. Look forward to Part 4 of this mini-series on workplace culture coming up soon.]

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