What if companies were engaged with an employee’s vision of themselves?

In the final episode of Vishen Lakhiani’s 4-part mini series on creating a powerful workplace culture, the CEO of Mindvalley shares the missing ingredient on why so many businesses fail to reach their potential.

Vishen explains the 3 Most Important Questions concept, and how Mindvalley has every employee’s experience, growth and contribution goals on a common board so others can collaborate and connect. He shares examples of how this has completely transformed not just the organization, but the lives of every single person that joins the team.

The crazy ideas that people write down tend to come true in the most magical way.

— Vishen Lakhiani

In 5 minutes you’ll discover:

  • Why it’s critical that every employee feels that someone at work cares about them
  • What the 3 most important questions are and how they form the blueprint to a person’s soul
  • How Luminita became a bestselling authors while traveling the globe
  • How Ronan became a world-class athlete and a TedX speaker
  • The single question that if we can answer yes to, can cause every other dimension of human performance to elevate

Imagine if the entire company was supporting each other not just in business goals, but helping each other achieve their personal goals.

Ready to learn how your vision of yourself can become a reality? Take 5 minutes and learn how to uplevel your transformation in every way.

Resources and Mentions:

  • Mindvalley Mentoring for Business

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