How can I make $100 million in 12 months?

Live from A-Fest Bali’s stage, leading entrepreneur in Pacific Asia, Patrick Grove, shares how the simple exercise of journalling can be used as a tool to set you up for incredible financial success.

With a net worth of $400 million and as chairman of 4 public companies worth collectively over $1 billion, Patrick describes how this powerful practice has been critical to not only his financial achievements but to every area of his life.

I get turned on by setting a huge crazy goal and then proving to myself that I can achieve that goal.

— Patrick Grove

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How Patrick got into journalling and his ‘How do I Make $10 billion in 2 years?’ exercise
  • Why you need to write down how to get what you want, not just what you want
  • How Patrick created a $1 million business by poaching the competition
  • How Patrick schedules 10BM sessions every time he’s in a flight
  • The 6 F’s (or 5!) and how they have the power to transform every area of your life
  • Why we need to get crystal clear on our strengths and weaknesses
  • Why it’s critical to get the right person managing your business
  • The technique Patrick uses to find balance between business and everything else
  • Why changing our physical environment is essential to changing our mindset
  • How to elevate your tribe (and why you need to uplevel in the first place!)

If I keep doing the same thing that every entrepreneur does then I’m never gonna get a crazy outsized result.

— Patrick Grove

Are you ready to be bold in your dreams and learn how to actually make it happen? Tune into Patrick to learn how to develop the millionaire mindset today.

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